Anykščiai Cultural Centre

We are a shaper of cultural needs of the community. An important cultural education and socio-cultural activity takes place in here and the strongest focus of them is on amateurs’ art collectives, their organized programs and projects.

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Everyday we create stunning things

The main objective of the cultural centre and its departments is to satisfy and develop cultural needs of the local community, guarantee the continuity of ethnic culture, create conditions for the expression of amateurs’ art creation and diversity to unfold, development of the community social cultural activity and the spread of professional art.
Now there are over 600 residents of Anykščiai city that educate and develop artistic self-expression in Anykščiai Cultural Centre. These people joined 19 amateurs’ art collectives. There are organized a few hundred events, festivals and concert trips every year.

Artistic self-expression is developed by over 400 residents of Anykščiai city.

There are creators and organizers of consistent and long-term programs of artistic education, concentration of the community and the early prevention and the reducing of social exclusion in here.

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An open and a well-known place

We already are and will continue to be a quality and an integral part of the city image. An open and a well-known place for Anykščiai community and guests of the city, where art events and projects presentations are constantly organized, the conditions for everyday artistic self-expression development and education of the community members, implementation of life-long learning principles and creative educations are created.

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and hobbies clubs

Today there are 19 amateurs’ art collectives in the cultural centre. They contain 411 participants, including 6 clubs of various hobbies.


since 1948

Juozas Skadas was the first director of the Cultural House. In those years, 3 employees worked in the Cultural House. They started to organize various cultural events in Anykščiai.

In the New Palace (1976) cultural process rapidly started to expand, a few generations of art lovers grew, events and festivals started to be counted in thousands. The Cultural Centre became a place of attraction for Anykščiai community. This place was resistant to the draughts of politics and economic instability. This institution enshrined the professional and amateurs’ art, preserved traditional culture and developed new cultural traditions.
During these years of activity of the Cultural Centre, Balys Mel¬daikis, Riman¬tas Budavičius, Sta¬sys Aglin-skas, Angelė Puikienė worked as directors of this institution. Since the end of 1994 Dijana Petrokaitė is the head of the Cultural Centre.


The name of the Cultural House was changed to Anykščiai Regional Cultural House.


Regional Songs Festivals are being organized in the region.


The name of folk collective is given to drama collective of the Regional Cultural House.


There already were 10 art amateurs’ collectives in the Cultural House. Arts amateurs’ of the region participated in the Republican Song Festival at the same year.


Areal Cultural House was founded. In those years, the network of the region was consisted of 6 areal cultural houses and 33 rural cultural houses.


An impressive building – Culture Palace (in 2004 it was renamed as the Culture Centre) – became a bright accent in the centre of Anykščiai City near the Šventoji River in spring.
During the events there will be photographed and (or) filmed for the purposes of informing society therefore you can be seen in photographs and videos. The photographs and the videos of the event can be posted on websites and accounts of socials networks by the event organizers’ as well as distributed via various means of mass media. If you want to know more about person data management, you can contact the organizers, the operator.