Atviras Anykščių kultūros centras

Anykščių cultural

since 1948

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Every dayWe amaze

Aurėja – Kregžde, kregždute

„Šiandien širdį pasivaikščioti išleisiu“

Mėnulis tikras tėvas jo


Mažas lašas

„Tas laisvės nerimas lakus“

Every dayWe create something surprisinghere and abroad…

At this moment about 500 local habitants of Anykščiai have joined the activities of 19 art groups and are developing artistic self-expression in Anykščiai cultural center. More than a hundred events and celebrations are held here every year.

This is where the creators and developers of coherent and long-term programs for arts education, community focus and early prevention and reduction of social exclusion are gathering.“


VeiklaActivitiesof cultural needs for communities

We are a modeler of the cultural needs of the community. Important cultural and socio-cultural activities take place here, the most prominent of which is amateur art groups, their programs and projects.

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